The modelling is a tough, selective and unfair job, which yet represents all ages, all sizes and all genders of our society. Each model agency defines its own recruitment profiles. To meet the various expectations of advertisers, some specialising in a particular area (actors, athletes, XL, seniors, details models ...) while others follow the fashion trends that evolve each year. Most modelling agencies appreciate a full availability of the candidate and the fluent practice of English. In addition to the photogenic personality and abilities required, the canons of beauty most often respond to criteria of size, age, measurements and more or less strict and affirmed look by category.

Despite a broad and simplistic definition, is not a model who wants to: we do not choose modelling career, this is the profession that chose you. A model must highlight a product, a garment or a service, and not the contrary.: it is therefore, necessary to project an image akin to perfection. The modelling is a profession based on the appearance that cannot be improvised, a demanding profession and requiring permanent rigour to represent the criteria of beauty and trends.

Standards of beauty: perfection is a different concept according to people, countries, periods, styles and age. Freckles, upturned nose, broad faces, high cheekbones, roundness ... with the clash of cultures, old patterns re-emerging in the notebooks of trends and fads are increasingly ephemeral. Currently, it is preferable to have "a face" (atypical profile with a strong personality) or conversely a very classical style (standardised pure beauty).


Modelling always rhymes with "work of visual imagery" but beauty is a subjective perception proper to each. However, it is true that for the same light exposure, each subject responds differently (capture, reflection or scattering of light, strength and sharpness of contrasts ...). The photogenic is this propensity of a body (material, skin, face, figure ...) to produce a qualitative visual effect using various light environments: a photographic essay is essential to determine this relationship to light. The resulting emotions allow a model of quality to play the facets of his personality and style with authenticity for a successful photo.

Particular attention is paid to body measurements as prototypes of fashion designers presented during parades are conducted using standardised pattern cutting.


size: 5' 8.9" to 5'11.64"
making: 24-26
age: 16 to 24 years
measurements (+ /-2"): 33"/23.5"/33"
Look slim and slender, long hair preferably, comfortable in heels


size: 5'11.64" to 6' 3"
making: 30-35
age: 16 to 30 years
measurements (+ /-2"): 39.5"/31.5"/39.5"
natural, well proportioned muscles


emotional strength and mental balance
environmental stability (family, relatives)
combative character (support critics)
positive attitude to work: be voluntary
dynamism, responsiveness, punctuality
adaptability (little room for modesty)
patience with a formidable selection
courage / motivation: withstand the pressure
relational facilities: complicities, rivalries
humility: be able to question oneself


have beautiful skin (refined skin texture)
white teeth and beautiful hair
well-proportioned body and facial symmetry
natural musculature appreciated
intensity of gaze (charm, magnetism)
originality of style and attitudes
freshness, clarity, style, charisma
fineness of line


daily physical maintenance
practice sports activities
healthy, varied and balanced nutrition
avoid toxic: cigarette, alcohol, drugs
get a maximum sleep time
impose real discipline of life
remain to its advantage in all circumstances

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