Le Modèle J is a French scouting and placement agency, dedicated to the discovery of future models. Our activity is to frame them and place them in internationally well-known model agencies, mainly based in Paris and New York.

Before being an agency, Le Modèle J was an idea that grew out of several discussions and wishes coming from the models themselves. It strongly defends human and ethical values.

Whatever your nationality, our mission is to find you an agency that suits and corresponds to you and gives you the possibility to start and work in a secure and healthy environment, favorable to the blooming of your talent as a model.

For the entire duration of our collaboration you are taken care of, guided and advised by fashion professionals.

It is important to note, that we have certain criteria for our scouting and that our number of candidates is limited.

Le Modèle J is for you and we can become your representative:

1.If you wish to start off a modeling career.

2.If you are already a model and desire to work in Paris or New York*.

*If you have a mother agency that is presently representing you, and is not one of our partners, we will not represent you without their consent.

(Le Modèle J is member of modelalliance.org)